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Press Reviews

Take a look at our reviews, most of them are in Norwegian, but we have translated them for you.

Snill - Open Window Theatre.jpg
Snill / Nice Girl

Bergens Tidende, 12.9.2017

Minkacz-Sira has impressive control over the various puppets and an almost quivering contact with the audience. Great children's theater about the ​​"good girl syndrome". Gro Dahle and Svein Nyhus' book "Kind" fit the stage perfectly.

Periskop, 9.9.2015

The children's performance Nice Girl is not only ambitious in its scenic expression – it also succeeds in taking the visual and textual universe from the book it is based on to the theater scene.

Bergensmagasinet, 2.9.2018

For the youngest children, the visuals is captivating, while older children and adults understand more of what it is about and and being the "nice girl" is not always a good thing.


Periskop, 17.9.2019

As usual, Open Window Theater's productions are high quality, and "Riverso" amazes many with its beautiful association play. "Riverso" offers a good and safe, gentle and warm universe to be in. The stage image is, as in all of the company's performances not only completed, but it is also aesthetically beautiful. As a small art exhibition!

Barn i byen, 20.3.2020

[…] stepping into "Riverso" gives you a sigh of bliss. Here you get the chance to dream further and wake up again, to alluring discord rhythms.

Riverso - Open Window Theatre (10).jpg
 Den Lille Store Reisen - Open Wind
Den lille store reisen /
The tiny huge journey

Barn i byen, 1.7.2020

Open Window Theatre delivers a performance for children that lets contemplation, caution and silent wonder be the driving forces. Dominika steers the scene with calm, slow movements […] It is tactile, playful and interactive.


The children could experience with all their senses: hopelessness, happiness, curiosity, sadness, fear and longing.

365 Penguins
365 Penguins - Open Window Theatre


"Panoptikon offers a strange and supernatural universe that is unlike anything else I have seen on stage in Bergen. The uniqueness of figure theater is fascinating, and I hope Open Window Theater continues to open new doors into this world in the future." - Judith Dybendal


"Panoptikon is, it seems to me, a giant leap towards the holistic vision of object theatre for the entire creative team.(...) Dominika Minkacz-Sira’s Open Window Theatre reaches out to new realities. In the era of declining Anthropocene we should pay attention to these new realities, as they reveal truths we have overlooked or simply ignored in the past." - Marek Waszkiel 


"Hvem var apekvinnen?" - article about the performance by Magne Fonn Hafskor 


"Sometimes we need puppets to talk about what is difficult." 


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