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Snill / Nice girl

Nice Girl is a theatre performance for children and adults, based on a book written by a popular Scandinavian writer, Gro Dahle. The play’s protagonist, Lucy, is a little wonder. Not only is Lucy absolutely ruly – she is also pretty, clever and nice. Almost too perfect to be true. One day Lucy becomes invisible … Lucy’s incredible story seems to tell us that we can’t really be happy if we fail to accept ourselves the way we are.


OPEN WINDOW offers its audience a fascinating mix of the contemporary pantomime theatre, acting and animation. Thanks to the international collaboration, the group explores various inspirations in order to create universal message.


Both the Director Przemyslam Jaszczak and the Scenographer/Animator Mateusz Mirowski are theatre artists, experienced in techniques unique to the Polish Theatre of Form. The soundtrack was composed by Felix Laband, a controversial musician from Johannesburg.


The performance premiered on 4th September 2015 at Cornerteateret, Bergen.

Snill / Nice Girl by Gro Dahle 

Directed by: Przemyslaw Jaszczak

Designed by: Mateusz Mirowski

Music: Felix Laband

Cast: Dominika Minkacz-Sira

Technical director: Jon Eirik Sira

Produced by: Camilla Svingen and Dominika Minkacz-Sira

Age: 5+

Kopi av Snill plakat nor.jpg
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