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Open Window Theatre produces family performances filled with humor and warmth. Our goal is to create figure theatre with a modern feel based on interaction between puppetry, acting, music, sound and image. Open Window Theatre is an international project, and we connect with collaborators nationally and abroad for each project, both artists and institutions. We wish to gather artists from different countries in order to produce performances with high variety in cultural expression and quality. In our company we strongly believe that everybody deserves to experience art, no matter the age. Therefore it is important for us to create theatre performances where we communicate in a language children comprehend.


Our international collaborations have gained large success both at home and abroad. Open Window Theatre has performed at several national and international theatre festivals. We have, among others, collaborated with Przemysław Jaszczak, Alicja Morawska-Rubczak, Mateusz Mirowski, Barbara Małecka, Felix Laband, Sandra Kolstad, Mari Kvien Brunvoll, Jostein Avdem Fretland, Petter Næs, Ivar Tindberg, Tormod Lindgren, Arild Brakstad, Art Fraction Foundation, Den Nationale Scene and Riksteateret. 




I am a professional actor and puppeteer with a master’s degree from the theatre university AST in Poland. My field of expertise is acting, mask acting, physical theater, song, puppetry, directing and guidance. I also hosts workshops for professional artists and amateurs: Kilden with Tormod Lindgren, Immaturus, Bergen Kommune, Riksteateret and I framtiden Unima Norge/Det Andre Teateret and Hib.


Awards: “Outstanding Pole in Norway” – Culture by the Polish Embassy, and Rampeløktprisen from Bergen Theater Association for efforts in the field of family theater – for inspiration, diversity and a breath of fresh air in Bergen’s cultural life. The prices made me proud and filled with motivation.


Government Grants for Artists – Arts Council Norway

Grants for Artists – Bergen Municipality

Grants for Establishment – Bergen Municipality

Various Government Grants – Arts Council Norway

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